When Do You Need a Traffic Defense Attorney: Common Traffic-Related Offenses To Know

The majority of accidents in and around Kansas City are caused by a lack of knowledge of traffic laws and regulations. Breaking the laws governing road safety and proper use, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is illegal and punishable by law.

Multiple infractions or violations can result in severe penalties and have a negative impact on your driving record. An experienced traffic lawyer in Kansas City, MO, can assist you in defending your rights and staying on the road. Here’s what you should know about Kansas City traffic offenses and how our defense attorney can help you get back on track.

What Are the Types of Traffic Violations?

Traffic offenses in Kansas City can be moving or non-moving, depending on the position of your vehicle at the time of the offense. A moving violation occurs while the vehicle is in motion, and it frequently results in the addition of points that could result in your license being revoked or suspended.

Infractions on a stationary vehicle, such as tinted windows, a suspended license, and insurance issues, are considered non-moving violations. Both traffic offenses have different consequences for your driving privileges, with non-moving violations resulting in minor fines but no demerit points.

Some of the traffic offenses in Kansas City, MO, include:

  • Speeding

Speeding increases the distance required to come to a complete stop and limits your ability to steer safely around curves and avoid road hazards. According to Missouri law, exceeding the speed limit by 5 to 19 miles per hour is a misdemeanor offense that could result in a criminal record.

Speeding tickets may appear to be minor infractions, but they carry criminal penalties, including jail time. A criminal record can make it difficult to find work and obtain credit, which a lawyer can help you avoid.

  • Driving Under The Influence

Driving a car with a BAC of 0.08 or higher is illegal in Kansas City and can result in serious criminal penalties. It is a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail, a license suspension, and a mandatory fine. An experienced traffic lawyer can spot inconsistencies in your charges and assist you in protecting your rights.

  • Tailgating

Kansas City traffic laws require drivers to maintain a reasonable following distance. You should leave enough space between your car and others to avoid colliding with them if they suddenly slow down or stop. If you are arrested for tailgating, a traffic lawyer can help you with your case and obtain a reduced penalty.

  • Passing In An Active Emergency Zone

In Kansas City, overtaking or passing another vehicle within an active emergency zone is illegal. It could result in penalties for a Class C misdemeanor, such as a hefty fine and up to 15 days in jail. When charged with such an offense, an experienced traffic defense lawyer can assist you in establishing the facts and winning your case.

  • Driving on a Suspended License

Your driver’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons, including accumulating too many points, receiving too many traffic tickets, or failing to address a traffic ticket. A good traffic lawyer will assist you in assessing your situation and determining the best course of action to achieve the best possible result.

How Do You Choose A Suitable Traffic Lawyer?

When you commit a traffic infraction or misdemeanor, law enforcement officers can issue you a traffic ticket. You may choose to pay the ticket and move on with your life, but doing so may imply pleading guilty to the violation and establishing a criminal record. If you believe a traffic ticket is unfair, experienced traffic lawyers in Kansas City can assist you. When looking for a good lawyer, consider the following:

  1. Getting referrals from other people who have faced traffic tickets before.
  2. Examining their credentials and experience in handling similar cases.
  3. Check their ability to communicate and effectively answer your questions.
  4. Asking about their fee structure.

An experienced ticket attorney in Kansas City, MO, can help you win your case and avoid earning a criminal record.

Contact The Best Traffic Defense Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Hiring an attorney to fight your speeding ticket may appear costly, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to ensure that you keep your vehicle on the road while avoiding a criminal record.

Our legal experts, as a trusted Kansas City law firm, will keep your driving privileges and have your speeding ticket amended. We can represent you and handle the entire process without requiring you to appear in court. We are also familiar with state traffic laws and can assist you in negotiating or obtaining a plea bargain in order to keep you on the road.

We serve clients in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, and North Kansas City, as well as the rest of the Kansas City metropolitan area. For a free consultation, please call (816)221-6006.

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