Kansas Bankruptcy Petition Requirements

Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorneys

The bankruptcy petition is the document that begins your bankruptcy.

The Kansas Petition requires the following:

  • The debtor is required to provide all names used in the preceding 8 years. This complete list allows creditors to identify the debtor properly when they receive notices and orders.
  • The debtor is required to provide the street address and the mailing address, if they are different.
  • The debtor can ask the court for a “waiver” of the filing fee. This means under certain circumstances, the debtor would not have to pay the Petition’s filing fee to the court.
  • The debtor must disclose any bankruptcies filed in the preceding 8 years as well as any pending related cases. Disclosure of prior bankruptcies will alert the Trustee when he or she will need to file an objection to discharge or a motion to dismiss. This means that if you have filed a bankruptcy in the last 8 years, you will not be able to apply for bankruptcy protection again until that 8 years has elapsed.
  • A residential tenant has to disclose certain other matters as well.
  • There also are Exhibits required to be attached to the Petition.

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