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Kansas Bankruptcy Petition

Official Bankruptcy Form No. 1 is what begins your bankruptcy in Kansas. It is called the “Petition”. There are certain “Exhibits” and “Schedules” (attachments) that must accompany the Petition when it is filed with the Bankruptcy court.

What is Required to be Attached to the Kansas Bankruptcy Petition?

The Kansas Petition requires the following to be attached to it

  • Exhibit B: This attachment informs the debtor of the different bankruptcy chapters he or she can file under. This also is a certification that the debtor has been provided with prefiling disclosures required under Section 342(b), which is stated in Form 201 and is required to be signed by the debtor.
  • Exhibit D: This attachment is the Individual Debtor’s Statement of Compliance with Credit Counseling Requirement. Upon completion of the credit counseling, the debtor receives a certificate, which must be filed along with Exhibit D. If the debtor did not complete the counseling before filing the Petition, he or she can file the certificate within 15 days after commencement of the bankruptcy case.
  • Schedules A, B, D, E and F: These also must be filed with the Bankruptcy Petition. These schedules require a complete listing of assets and liability but leave many of the details for investigation by the trustee and counsel for the creditors. Within these schedules there will be a place to list every asset, liability, share, or interest of the debtor, including an interest in potential litigation and debts to or from family members. Failure to list a debt or a creditor could mean that the debt will not be discharged as to the creditor. Failure to list an asset or a creditor could result in a finding of perjury, which is a Federal crime.

Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorneys Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, Handle These Complicated Bankruptcy Issues

Since Bankruptcy is so complicated, you need the trusted and experienced Kansas City Bankruptcy attorneys at Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC to properly advise you and to make sure that you are protected.

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