Real Estate Lawyer: Do You Need One?

If you’re buying or selling your property, you might wonder whether you need to hire a real estate lawyer. While hiring a lawyer, depending on some federal laws, might be optional, working with an expert in this legal field can be of great help. This post will help you understand what a real estate lawyer does and why hiring one is important.

What a Real Estate Lawyer Does

Real estate attorneys oversee the process involved in buying and selling properties to ensure their clients’ rights aren’t violated. A real estate attorney will help a buyer review the documents of the sales contract to ensure the buyer is protected. They check all the crucial details, including title searches, title insurance, a chain of ownership, etc., for issues like liens, construction disputes, and more. Essentially, a real estate attorney represents.

For a seller, the real estate attorney verifies the sales contract to ensure the seller is well-protected. They work to ensure legal issues within the sales contract don’t go unnoticed. The counsel also prepares the necessary documentation for the transfer of ownership. So, both the buyer and seller need the help of an attorney.

When Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

There are numerous situations in which you will require the assistance of a commercial real estate attorney. For example, you may need an advocate to draft documents, attend a property closing, conduct due diligence on a property, or represent you in a case involving your property. Depending on your state, you may need to hire a closing attorney.

In some states, you don’t need a lawyer to represent you in real estate transactions. In such states, the title company’s closing real estate agent can usually oversee the closing process and finalize the transaction.

Once the real estate transaction is complete, you might require legal assistance if the property has issues and you need to file civil litigation against the title owner or the seller. You may be hesitant to hire a real estate attorney, but you will discover that there are numerous other reasons why professional assistance will be beneficial.

Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

It is now clear that a real estate attorney is there to protect you and your best interests, especially when it comes to real estate contracts. Hiring an attorney, whether you’re buying or selling a home, goes beyond just helping you read the fine print.

A lawyer is the legal support system you need. They give you expert assistance to ensure you sleep peacefully at night. Check out these valid reasons why you need to hire a real estate attorney.

Transparency and Comfort

You are not an expert in commercial real estate matters, so you will require assistance in reading and comprehending all of the documents and their requirements. Working with an expert from the beginning of a real estate transaction provides clarity and comfort about what you’re getting yourself into. If there is anything in the transaction or process that you do not understand, an attorney will walk you through it and explain real estate law or the terms used.


The experience real estate attorneys bring to the table is another reason why you should hire one. Of course, it might not be your first time doing business in real estate, but a legal counsel has rich experience in the process. They’ve completed many transactions before and can help you navigate through the process easily. With their experience, you can mitigate potential risks that could jeopardize or delay your deal.

Financial Savings

The last thing you need is to make financial decisions that will wreak havoc on your future. While you might worry about the real estate attorney’s cost, this is a small amount compared to the financial impact you might experience if you get things wrong.

A real estate attorney’s role in the transaction will save you from such costly mistakes. A real estate lawyer will ask all the important questions you might not ask. It’s a big investment, and you don’t want to make mistakes. So, to invest wisely, you need a lawyer by your side.

The Closing Process

Some state laws require the presence of a closing attorney during the real estate closing process. Hiring an attorney will help you with crucial aspects such as title insurance, mortgages, title deed restrictions, and the final inspection. A lawyer will help to streamline the closing process by preparing all the required documents and ascertaining that you and your property are well protected. Knowing that you have an expert by your side to help you handle the legal aspects of the transaction can be relieving.


More importantly, an attorney will work with you and represent you throughout the transactions, protecting you from licit issues you might not predict or see. With an experienced legal team, you have peace of mind knowing that your investments are safe and legally protected.

How Do You Find a Real Estate Attorney?

Finding a real estate attorney does not have to be a difficult task. You should think about the lawyer’s reputation, cost, and availability. Here’s what you need to do to get reliable help: Ensure that your investments are safe and legally protected.

Ask for Referrals

Get recommendations for reputable property lawyers from family, friends, a residential real estate agent, or a mortgage lender. You can also ask any attorney to recommend one of their real estate industry contacts. A licensed real estate broker can also recommend someone on whom you can rely.

Do Your Homework

Aside from referrals, you must conduct due diligence to ensure that you are dealing with professionals. Investigate the attorney you intend to hire. With which law firm are they affiliated? Visit their website and make an appointment.

We Can Help You!

Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC’s real estate lawyers have decades of experience in the real estate business. We can help you with all sorts of legal issues in Kansas City real estate. With our experience and expertise in the field, you and your family will protect your investments from common, everyday property issues. Contact Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, in Kansas City today for the legal expertise you can trust to deliver.

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