Tips for Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Though filing for bankruptcy offers some debt relief, it is still a stress-inducing process. Due to the harsh economic times, many Americans are dealing with overwhelming debt and are facing bankruptcy. This is when filing for bankruptcy with a debt relief agency is inevitable.

It is embarrassing to admit to creditors and the court that one has failed to manage their finances properly and now requires debt relief. It is even more nerve-racking to know that one’s attorney and law firm colleagues, total strangers, will scrutinize every credit card statement, bill, debt, and personal financial document. At this point, one truly needs a sturdy, trustworthy bankruptcy attorney.

The Bankruptcy Process

Some people choose to file bankruptcy Pro Se, that is, without the legal services of a bankruptcy attorney. This, however, is not advisable because of the complex nature of bankruptcy laws and proceedings. One can’t know everything about filing for bankruptcy. If you are not a law professional, making grave mistakes is quite high.

Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney makes the process significantly easier for you, as the well-versed knowledge of a bankruptcy lawyer will prove invaluable. It is wiser to hire an experienced, professional bankruptcy lawyer, especially if one has limited knowledge of bankruptcy law. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will go a long way in ensuring you get the bankruptcy relief you need.

Once you have determined that filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest, you now need to know which is the best type of bankruptcy to file for in your case. It can be either Chapter 13 bankruptcy or chapter 7 bankruptcy. You must hire a reliable, certified, professional, experienced bankruptcy lawyer to know which bankruptcy is right for your case.

Since there are many bankruptcy attorneys in the market, finding one just right for you may seem like a daunting task. This, however, need not be the case. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a bankruptcy attorney.

  • Do Not Procrastinate

When you know you now need an experienced bankruptcy attorney, it is advisable to start looking for one. It is crucial for the attorney you choose to have enough time to go through your financial records to build a solid bankruptcy case. Do not procrastinate looking until the last moment because the attorney will not have ample time to prepare for your case.

  • Get Recommendations

If you have a personal lawyer, they are best to recommend an experienced bankruptcy lawyer because they may know one as they are already in the industry. There are also chances that someone in your family, friends, or colleagues may have gone through a bankruptcy filing process. You can ask them to refer you to a bankruptcy attorney who worked for them or recommend another good one.

  • Source from the Internet

If you fail to get a recommendation for a good bankruptcy lawyer, you could always source one from the internet. The American Board of certification and The National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys’ websites are good places to start. Be sure to read their reviews. Once you have identified a few, check the State Bar Association for which ones are certified to deal with your state’s laws.

  • Hire An Experienced

Once you have a selection to choose from, meet each for an interview. The best attorneys offer a free initial consultation in their law offices. Here you can ask each other questions to gauge whether they are the best bankruptcy lawyer for your case. The interview will give you insight into the attorney’s skill and the quality of service of the law firm.

A seasoned, experienced bankruptcy attorney is best. Ask about their qualifications in law school and the successful cases they have handled. Ask questions about their qualifications and experience with bankruptcy cases. Their responses to questions can help you gauge whether an attorney is the right one for you.

Some bankruptcy attorneys legitimately enjoy helping people struggling with debt improve their lives. Their responses will also help you determine whether they are passionate about what they do. Do they genuinely care about helping you, or are you just another client? An experienced bankruptcy attorney should also lay out all the legal options available and should not try to get you to favor a particular course of action.

The attorney-client relationship is crucial, considering you might be working for them for weeks or even months. Note whether the attorney you talk to has good communication skills and gives you personal attention. Do you feel comfortable enough with them?

Choose a bankruptcy attorney who treats you with dignity, patience, and respect. Note how they respond to questions. Do they give an in-depth explanation or short, evasive answers? Do they brush you off, answer with annoyance, or do not take you seriously? If they treat you this way during the interview, they will treat you the same way during the bankruptcy process.

  • Affordable Bankruptcy Services

Compare pricing in different types of law firms. Large firms have the advantage of more professional personnel like paralegals and associates but will cost you more. A smaller bankruptcy law firm is more personal in its approach and costs less, but it may not have much experience.

Since one is filing for bankruptcy, chances are you are already struggling financially, so you cannot afford to spend much on lawyers. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so getting the cheapest lawyer will not necessarily give you the best representation they are looking for.

When your financial well-being is at stake, it is worth paying more. However, do not lose hope because most bankruptcy attorneys understand the situation and charge a reasonable flat fee for comprehensible services. The court also prevents lawyers from going overboard in their pricing. The court ensures they stick to the standard bankruptcy attorney fees.

  • First Impressions Matter

Not only observe the bankruptcy attorney’s dressing and mannerisms but also visit their law office to see how neat and organized they are. A disorganized, untidy office is a sign that they may not handle your case well.

  •  Visit the Bankruptcy Court

It is an added advantage if you can spend a day at a federal court to find out who sits on the local bankruptcy attorneys’ court panels. This will help you familiarize yourself with the process, but you will also find the most respected and experienced bankruptcy lawyers. They regularly appear in bankruptcy court and can help with your case.

Following these steps will ensure you have the perfect bankruptcy attorney to help you deal with your debt and asset protection.

Once you have chosen the credited bankruptcy attorney to work with, they will draw up a contract between you and them. This contract will include; their role in the process, the services they will offer you, and all the charges involved in the bankruptcy case.

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