When Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI/DWI Charge in Kansas City, MO?

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You may feel lost after a felony DUI arrest in Kansas City, MO. DUI, or driving under the influence, is a serious crime in criminal law courts. The penalties for drunk driving in Kansas City, Missouri, become more severe with each passing year, and obtaining favorable outcomes becomes even more difficult.

Is a Criminal Defense Attorney Necessary for a DUI Case?

When facing a DWI charge, you have three options for representation. You can choose to go with a public defender, retain a DUI attorney from a reputable law office, or opt to represent yourself.

Representing Yourself

Representing yourself in a Kansas court may appear appealing, primarily because it allows you to save money on legal fees. Is it, however, worthwhile to enter the court on your own?

DWI laws are complex and constantly changing. That, coupled with the fact that each case is unique, makes it even harder for a person with no legal training or experience to represent themselves in a court of law. They lack the knowledge and expertise to assess the case’s strengths and weaknesses, which can have negative consequences. Working with traffic attorneys can help you avoid this situation.

Obtaining the advice of an experienced DUI defense lawyer in the Kansas City Metro area is extremely beneficial to your case. Criminal defense lawyers with many years of experience in every area of DUI defense law can adequately represent you in federal court and guide you through the entire DUI process.

Working With a Public Defender

A criminal defendant has the right to counsel under the rule of law. If you are unable to afford a private lawyer, the court should appoint a public defender on your behalf.

Public DUI attorneys have experience with a wide range of criminal law cases, including many DUIs. They have excellent trial skills as a result of the numerous legal matters they have tried.

However, working with a public defender has its drawbacks. Public defenders, for example, are frequently overworked and have large caseloads. They may not have enough time to meet with clients and give each case the attention it deserves because they are juggling hundreds of cases at once.

In addition, the court assigns you a public defender at random. You do not have a say. If the current court-appointed defender is unsatisfactory, finding a new one may be difficult.

Private Lawyers

A private lawyer is a qualified and experienced attorney appointed by the defendant or their family to represent them in court. The cost of hiring private DUI lawyers is the only disadvantage for most people. The sum can be substantial at times, especially if the case is serious. Regardless, the advantages of hiring a private DUI lawyer outweigh the disadvantages of having to pay for their services.

  • When retaining an attorney, you can choose who that attorney will be.
  • Private lawyers do not have as many cases as public defenders. This allows them to have one on one time with clients.
  • Personal DUI lawyers represent you in criminal court and administrative license hearings. Having the same lawyer work on both cases significantly improves your chances of a better outcome.
  • Private attorneys specializing in DUI cases often have a better understanding of DUI law or DWI law compared to other attorneys. This expertise puts you at an advantage. These lawyers can easily get your charges dismissed altogether.
  • Working with private attorneys can also mean spending less time in court. Unlike public defender clients, who are required to attend all court dates, working with a private DWI attorney means you will not be required to attend all court appearances. This is an excellent benefit for many clients, particularly those who have demanding work schedules.

When Should You Hire a DUI/DWI Attorney?

You should contact a private attorney as soon as you are charged for traffic violations. Having the best DUI lawyer or DWI lawyer, one who is well-versed with traffic law, and having a good legal representation by your side from the beginning can help protect you against possible unlawful police procedures. You will also get the best possible results in your situation.

Contact a Kansas City DUI Lawyer

We at Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC believe that a DUI arrest does not always result in a DUI conviction. We have a great deal of experience with criminal defense cases in the North Kansas City and Kansas City area.

Our strong defense strategy can help you avoid costly DUI penalties, such as a driver’s license suspension for an indefinite period of time. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome if you are facing drug possession charges, domestic violence, or personal injury. Call (816) 320-6527 to speak to a lawyer or visit our law firm for a free consultation.

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