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At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC

  • We provide responsive, insightful counsel when your company is forming, expanding, reorganizing or winding down.
  • We will help you negotiate and document your business deals.

Kansas City Business Lawyers Who Assist in All Facets of Missouri and Kansas Corporate Law

We Advise Concerning Business Formation in Kansas City

Our business lawyers in Kansas City assist start-up enterprises and established companies in all aspects of formation and governance. We help our clients choose the appropriate business entity as the foundation for their success. Our Kansas City corporate lawyers sit down with clients who are starting a company, bringing in new owners, or recapitalizing to strategize the best structure for the new entity.

We can advise on the considerations and merit of various corporate structures including S-Corp, C-Corp, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships and joint ventures. Our legal advice considers tax implications, personal liability, transferability and personal liability tolerance. Our knowledgeable lawyers carefully construct the organizational documents and agreements to clarify the roles, responsibilities and rights of all the stakeholders to set a profitable course for the business and avoid later disputes. We have extensive experience in business formation for entities across all market segments, and routinely advise clients in manufacturing, industrial, energy, software, retail/restaurants, education, construction and other business sectors.

Transactional Business Lawyers in Kansas City

Our Kansas City business lawyers assist established companies in all aspects of transactions and contracts. We also address the challenges thereafter of operating and growing in a competitive marketplace.

We can also assist with succession planning and exit strategies for selling the business or passing it to the next generation.

Our Kansas City Business Legal Services at Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC Include

We understand that no one loves your business as much as you do. We take great pride in being a business ourselves and we know first-hand the trials and tribulations that businesses must face. Moreover, because we represent so many small and mid-level Kansas City area businesses, we have seen the same issues arise innumerable times across varying industries and from different angles. This experience gives us insight that you can rely on.

We specialize in ongoing counsel in the greater Kansas City area for business and corporate law. We have experience with every stage of the business life-cycle, across a wide spectrum of industries. We advise entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and owners or executives of small to middle market companies in all types of business formation, transactions and contracts:

Capital formation — Business Formation — Choice of entity — Name Availability — Bylaws — Operating Agreements — Day-to-day contracts — Organizational Consent — Stock Certificates — Corporate Updates — Partnership Documents — Business Conversions — Buy-Sell Agreements — Mergers and acquisitions — Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements — Employee Incentive Plans — Business Operations and Maintenance– Document Preparation and Review — Asset Purchase and Sale — Stock Purchase and Sale — Correction of Formation and Operational Errors — Construction project contracts — Director and office responsibility — Equipment purchase or leasing — Insurance, bonding and indemnification — Bankruptcy/Insolvency

We regularly assist with organization, partnership and company agreements, family transfers, contract drafting, construction, employment agreements, and business negotiation in Kansas City. Let’s see how we can help you. Call us today!

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