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At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, We Solve Your Civil Litigation Disputes in Kansas City

  • While you can take every step to protect your future, when unforeseen disputes arise, you want to be able to protect your rights in court. We provide civil litigation counsel for businesses and individuals.
  • We handle a wide variety of Missouri and Kansas legal disputes, including business litigation, construction law litigation, secured transaction litigation, breach of contract litigation and collections.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, We Get You Results

It is not uncommon for businesses or individuals to find themselves involved in a legal dispute with another business or person. Disputes of this kind, such as a contract that is broken, typically fall under the legal category which is known as civil litigation.

For the business or person considering suing in a civil litigation matter in Kansas City, the goal is to right a wrong or to honor an agreement. For the business or person being sued in a civil litigation matter, the goal is to aggressively protect its/his/her rights.

Our litigation philosophy includes:

  • Obtaining your expectations and goals
  • Obtaining and evaluating the facts of your legal matter
  • Investigating any necessary matters
  • Analyzing the applicable law
  • Giving you legal options and our recommendations that will best solve your legal problem
  • Coming to the bargaining table in an attempt to work out a solution with the other business or individual
  • If an acceptable solution can’t be reached, then filing a lawsuit or defending you in a lawsuit

Our effective legal counseling gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions on whether to go to court or to settle a dispute in Missouri or Kansas. If you decide to go to court, we will properly prepare your case for trial, and give you legal advice whether to settle during the course of the Kansas or Missouri lawsuit.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, we believe in resolving your disputes through productive negotiations, if possible, instead of litigation. Our trial attorneys, also called “litigators”, will aggressively pursue your legal case through trial and post-trial proceedings (including appeal) in an effort to obtain the best possible result for you.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, We Solve a Wide Variety of Kansas City Area Civil Litigation Disputes

Some examples of civil litigation lawsuits we handle are:

  • Corporate Dispute Litigation: Corporate disputes are some of the most complicated Missouri or Kansas civil litigation matters. Our skilled attorneys will walk you through the legal process before you jump in.
  • Disputes between Businesses: Disputes between businesses, must be rapidly and effectively dealt with when they arise. The longer disputes take to resolve, the more harm it does to the business involved.
  • Products and Services Misrepresentation Litigation: There was a time when business was conducted on a handshake. These times are long past, and survival in today’s business world requires legal protection and willingness to act when products and services are fraudulent and negligently misrepresented.
  • Business Dishonesty (Fraud) Lawsuits: You have seen the Kansas City news reports about dishonest business activities and schemes. It is critical that you take aggressive action against these scamming businesses.
  • Partnership Litigation: When partners disagree on key matters, it is essential to find a prompt resolution. The partnership is the source of the business and when it is threatened, so is the Missouri or Kansas business.
  • Unfair Competition Lawsuits: Unfair competition results from deceptive or false advertising of products, violation of non-compete agreements and other dishonest business practices in Kansas or Missouri.
  • Construction Contract Litigation: When one company has failed to perform its end of the bargain and the other company has performed its obligations, then the company which performed may be entitled to receive money for its losses in Missouri and Kansas.
  • Developer Contract Lawsuits: Developer contracts are very complex agreements that are critical to successful completion of large construction projects involving significant investment of money and resources. When problems come up, it is necessary to have our knowledgeable legal abilities to protect your interests.
  • Secured Transaction Litigation: The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) controls sales, fund transfers, negotiable instruments, and more. Our understanding of the UCC and advice we give you is crucial for you to legally conduct any secured transaction.
  • Broken (called “Breached”) Contract Lawsuits: Well written contracts are a key business tool to prevent future problems in Missouri or Kansas. When contracts are broken or breached, you have your contract to rely on.
  • Contract Interference Litigation: When there is a conflict between two businesses, one usually can find another person or business that is causing problems with the first two businesses.
  • Collection Lawsuits: Simply stated, we collect the money you are owed.
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