Commercial Litigation

Trusted and Experienced Kansas City Commercial Litigation Lawyers

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, We’re Not Afraid of the Courtroom

  • While you can take every step to protect your future, when unforeseen disputes arise, you want to be able to protect your rights in court. We provide commercial litigation counsel for businesses.
  • We handle a wide variety of Missouri and Kansas commercial litigation including bankruptcy adversary proceedings as well as commercial litigation foreclosing on developer and builder loans, pursuing collection and default remedies for Small Business Administration loans, collecting accounts receivable for businesses and initiating rent and possession lawsuits for residential and commercial properties.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, We Get You Results

It is a fact that commercial litigation can put a strain on business operations and individuals. Employees spend their valuable time answering questions and testifying in court, instead of spending that time doing their jobs. Money that could have been used to improve the business is instead spent on litigation costs.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising clients on the best course of legal action that will lead to the fewest possible time-consuming and costly legal battles.

Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC helps bankruptcy trustees, employers, officers, directors and shareholders with all of their commercial litigation needs. We have successfully represented companies in difficult negotiations and commercial lawsuits. We have successfully represented bankruptcy trustees in adversary proceedings. We listen to your concerns and goals, both in the short-term for the present legal problem, and in the long-term for your business as a whole. Then we work with you to plan and achieve these goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

We pride ourselves in our practical approach, attention to detail and substantial knowledge of commercial and business law when analyzing, evaluating, negotiating or litigating commercial litigation matters. We believe that with good planning and quality legal work, many commercial lawsuits can be avoided or diminished with you saving a significant amount money. But if a lawsuit is necessary, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

Businesses do not want to go to trial against Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC’s commercial litigation team in Kansas City.

9 Questions You Should Ask a Kansas City Commercial Litigation Attorney Before You Hire Him or Her:

    1. What experience do you have handling my type of commercial litigation problem?
      All lawyers should be willing to share their experience handling your type of legal matter.
    2. How quickly should I expect you to respond to my calls and emails?
      You should expect your commercial litigation lawyer to promptly respond to you. Usually a prompt response is within one business day.
    3. Who will be returning my calls and emails?
      You should expect your lawyer to contact you about your litigation case, and not a paralegal.
    4. Can you explain how I will be charged for your legal services?
      Your lawyer should fully explain how your hourly, set-fee or contingency representation will work.
    5. How long will it take to resolve my legal matter?
      While this depends on how the other business or individual in the dispute proceeds/responds throughout the course of the litigation, a good commercial trial attorney can give you the most likely time line.
    6. Will you give me several options to solve my legal problem?
      All informed commercial litigation lawyers will lay out all the legal options for you and you should expect this.
    7. How will decisions be made regarding resolving this matter?
      Your commercial trial lawyer should inform you regarding your legal options, his or her recommendations, and you should make the final decision.
    8. What are my responsibilities and tasks likely to be?
      At the beginning of your representation, your commercial court attorney should tell you what information he or she will need from you.
    9. What are my risks of not taking legal action now?
      All commercial litigation lawyers should advise you about the risks of waiting in your legal matter.
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